About The Kitchen

EHO 5 Star rating
Date of last inspection by Rossendale Borough Council: August 2019

Our allergen free commercial kitchen is based in the beautiful Rossendale Valley near Rawtenstall at the end of the M66. Just 35 minutes from Manchester and close to the M60/M62/M65/M6 corridors, our central location makes us ideal for anyone with huge food ambitions but without the facilities to scale.

Pat & Barb our steam jacketed tilting kettles

At the heart of the kitchen is professional catering equipment by Groen, Hobart and Lincat. Our twin 40 quart 3 phase steam jacketed vessels will reduce cooking times drastically and increase quantities of product produced which improves your bottom line.

Additionally our commercial pass through dishwasher with a final wash cycle above 82 degrees meets current EHO regulations regarding sterilisation procedures.

‘Killer’ allergen Free Facility: No Peanuts/Shellfish are allowed on site and neither are gluten-containing ingredients (our own products are certified gluten-free). It’s hugely important to us to continue to build on the trust we have with our customers by ensuring the food we, and anyone else using the facility, produce is safe and free from allergen cross-contamination. Hence the large cleaning deposit and the HACCP/food safety requirement. If you cannot demonstrate a good working knowledge of food safety and strict allergen control/paperwork recording for an allergen free commercial kitchen, then I’m afraid you may not be ready to use our facility – yet. Local EHO’s run regular allergen awareness courses and NCASS have a brilliant food safety system for a ridiculously low yearly fee. Show us your NCASS folder and WE know you are committed to food safety and taking your business seriously.

NP Kitchen
NP Kitchen
NP Kitchen
  • Farmer’s market stallholders needing additional capacity
  • Scaling food producers
  • Insufficient preparation space
  • New Recipe Development
  • EHO issues with current working space
  • Seasonal capacity

Glassware and Packaging: Our preferred glass supplier is Spinks Compak based in Leeds. We have very strict glass control procedures in place which starts with a recognised supplier and traceability from the manufacturer for ALL glass jars and bottles we use. There is a LOT of cheap glass being sold that could potentially cause issues (especially in hot filling above 90 degrees) with recall. We WILL need a traceability certificate for ALL glassware before it is brought onto our premises and we reserve the right to refuse any glassware that does not conform and quarantine them.

Steam Jacketed Cooking Vessels
Our twin Groen 40 qt steam jacketed vessels Pat and Barb vastly increase quantity and reduce cooking times.

SALSA: We will be working towards SALSA for our own company which starts with the facility itself and the paperwork trail surrounding food production to give confidence to retailers that we/you are producing safe food and have checks and proceedures in place to cover many common eventualities. It’s important to remember that SALSA covers the individual registered COMPANY and NOT the kitchen on its own though, even though the facility may meet all requirements.

So, if you you have huge plans and are ready to scale, give Karen a call on 07971 047817 to discuss how we can help you or register your interest but filling in the contact form.

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