About Us

Nowt (pronounced NOWT) noun, pronoun – the plural of which is STILL Nowt, British Northern dialect meaning nothing.

Poncy (pronounced pon-see) adjective, British dialect meaning pretentious or affected.

Nowt Poncy® – what you see is what you get. Straightforward, no-nonsense advice and help from Jools and Karen who have spent the last three years building a brand that’s now stocked at fabulous shops, deli’s and independent traditional butchers and grocers. It’s been a hell of a learning curve and many huge highs and equally huge lows but we’re still here and now we’re building a commercial kitchen to help other artisan producers scale.

Jools spots the Nowt Poncy® Sauces on the shelves at Booth’s!

The food business is an absolute mine field, there are some amazing people who really know their stuff and have been there and done it, started and in some cases sold their brands, had their products stocked in the so called big supermarkets and are only too willing to share their stories and advice. Equally you will find many people who want to charge huge fees to “help you get stocked on the supermarket shelves” whom have never brought a product to market. There’s NO silver bullet, there’s no quick and easy way – you MUST put in the hard yards and every day is a learning day.

Jools and Karen

We have a trusted network of associates and friends with vast experience of sales, marketing, PR, NPD, design and print, ingredients, glassware, shelf life testing, labelling law, intellectual property rights and trademarking and nutritionals. In fact, if you have a question and we can’t answer it, we can probably put you in touch with someone who can.

We decided to build our own commercial kitchen because the one we were using was closing down and as we started to search for somewhere else we realised there’s simply very little available that’s affordable for scaling food businesses especially in the NORTH. We want to change that by providing an allergen free facility so you and your customers can be assured the food you produce isn’t going to hurt them.